TeleWellnessMD Offers a Variety of Immune Boosting Prescriptions

Fight off infection and boost your immune system with the help of the following prescription therapies.  A Wellness Consultation is required to purchase prescription therapies.  Log into your account to order or get started with a Consultation today!

  • Thymosin Alpha 1– The number 1 peptide recommended for immune support. Thymosin is produced naturally by the thymus gland and is a critical part of your immune system. By augmenting T-cell function, Thymosin strengthens the immune system and helps increase vaccine effectiveness while suppressing infection.
  • NAD+– A form of Vitamin B3, NAD plays a key role in cellular metabolism and is involved with the structuring, repairing, and remodeling of the cells in the body. An increase of NAD levels can help aid in improving immune system response and reduce the risk of chronic illness.
  • Glutathione– A naturally occurring antioxidant, Glutathione reduces the free radical damage in the body to help with the prevention of disease and inflammation.
  • L-Lysine– An essential amino acid that is a building block for protein but not produced naturally by your body, so it must be obtained from diet or supplementation. L-Lysine has been proven to improve calcium absorption, aid in the formation of collagen, and aid in immune system support and the production of antibodies.
  • MIC B Complex w/ Vitamin C – A powerful blend of vitamins and amino acids that help to boost energy, promote a healthy metabolism, and promote healthy cell growth. Contains Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps to boost the immune system. 
  • B-Complex – A combination of B vitamins that is a great choice for general supplementation. B vitamins help to support the immune system and boost energy.  Two different formulations are available.
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