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Vitamin Injections Client Testimonial

"The results speak for themselves. I sleep, lost 20 pounds, increased muscle tone, reduced inflammation and I feel great!"

Cheena is a TeleWellnessMD client, who shares her inspiring journey to wellness and 20 pound weightloss success story.


How to Buy Vitamin Injections Online + Health Benefits

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Who Can Benefit

Since few people can say they consume adequate nutrients naturally through their diet, nutritional aids are no longer just dietary supplements; they are requirements. Most people are simply lacking the vital nutrients they need for overall good health.

Common Conditions

Vitamin injection therapy will help improve antioxidant activity, improve cell detoxification and can be used to treat symptoms associated with disorders, diseases and infections.  Download our free eBook, the TeleWellnessMD Vitamin Injection Guide, for a complete list of conditions.

Why It's Effective

Vitamin injections offer 100% absorption when compared to the small 5-15% that oral supplements can provide. Getting vitamins and nutrients through injections into the muscle or the subcutaneous fat, have an availability of 100% while other delivery methods such as tablets, capsules and liquids, pale in comparison.

Ingredients and Uses

TelewellnessMD™ providers prescribe premium vitamin injection therapies through a strategic partnership with premium compounding pharmacies, certified and licensed in states nation-wide. The medical advisory team at TelewellnessMD™ have used these protocols in private practice and through telemedicine with excellent safety profiles and treatment outcomes.

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