Eat Carbs Lose Weight

Jamie Tripp, MSN, ARNP-C and Brent Agin, MD—Creators of Trim® Carb Revolution

At TeleWellnessMD™, we practice what we preach!  Our founding physician, Dr. Brent Agin, collaborated with TeleWellnessMD™ nurse practitioner, Jamie Tripp to develop the Trim® Carb Revolution program.  Using their combined, extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition, the program is based on their own personal routines and designed to encourage a healthier relationship with carbs.

Trim® Carb Revolution Client Success Stories

“I had been doing Nutrisystem since the end of February. I lost 35 lbs doing that and then it seemed like I came to a stalemate by the 4th month. The food isn’t bad but I wouldn’t want to live off of it forever. The weight loss was definitely more rapid with the detox plan. I felt good when we did it. I really didn’t notice getting hungry, I think the shot in the afternoon really helped me there. But I sure was ready to eat after work each night!! I feel it has really helped me to reach my goal weight. I am so so close. Not to mention how great it is to wake up and have lost 3 lbs overnight!!”

Kathy B. Age 49. Lost 10.5 pounds during detox phase.


“I have always been able to lose weight pretty easily by just cutting out carbs and hitting the gym hard... but never 10 pounds in a week! I still had great energy and was able to work out during the detox plan and it got me to my goal weight. I am now into the max cutter phase and am working leaning, building muscle and defining my abs. Love this program!”

Adam Z. Age 30. Lost 10 pounds during detox phase.


“My energy was good throughout. Dinners were very satisfying. Mini Trim really helped as an afternoon pick me up. I have maintained my 12 pound weight loss for the past 4 month and am currently in phase 3 of the program. My doctor has been able to take me off of my blood pressure medications! I feel great!”

Rick K. Age 61. Lost 12.8 pounds during detox phase.


“I had lots of energy during the detox phase and I had no issues with hunger. I vacation often and enjoy eating out but with this plan I can easily fall back into the grove when I am not vacationing and get/ keep my weight off. Super easy to follow.”

Susan K. Age 58. Lost 7.2 pounds during detox phase.